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Caroline & Ray Wedding at

Hurlston Hall, Scarisbrick

scenic wedding photograph at Hurlston hall Wedding ceremony at Hurlston Hall by f2 Photography giving the Bride away photograph by f2 Photography with this ring I thee wed always take some before they are ready Bridal posy and ring closeup shot by f2 photography Detail (19) View of golf course at Hurlston Hall Cottage at Hurlston Hall Love a duck Bridal attire photograph from Hurlston Hall by f2 Photography Bride and bridesmaid dresses at Hurlston hall Wedding photography at Hurlston Hall Hurlston Hall wedding venue in Scarisbrick Candid wedding guests photograph Wedding ceremony room at Hurlston Hall by f2 Photography Golf themed wedding photograph by f2 Photography so much more natural than a rigid pose Always nice to get a candid shot Groom and bestman by f2 Photography at Hurlston Hall Formal wedding photo of bridal party at Hurlston Hall by f2 Photography Speeches (22) Speeches (25) Speeches (34) Speeches (38) Speeches (66) Speeches (71) Speeches (79) Speeches (83) Wedding photograph on the putting green wedding breakfast room at Hurlston Hall in Scarisbrick hurlston Hall Wedding venue exterior in Southport Post ceremony (21)

Wedding Photography at

Hurlston Hall

Post ceremony (43)

A gorgeous summery sky heralded the wedding day of Caroline and Ray.

Hurlston Hall was the venue and what a place to hold your wedding!


There are spacious cottages available for the bride and bridesmaids to prepare for the day ahead in a comfortable setting and within easy reach of the ceremony room. A duck in the porch seems to be offering a warm welcome - or is he there to quack an alarm if the groom gets too close?


The ceremony room has floor to ceiling windows across the whole width. Apart from letting natural light flood the room they also allow a view of the golf course which provides an amazing scenic backdrop for wedding photography. The whole ceremony and the speeches were captured without the need for flash photography thus giving a much more natural set of wedding photographs.


Outside there are extensive grounds with little pathways leading to who knows where. We wandered and found a little practice green for putting. This was used to good effect for a couple of golf themed shots of the bride and groom.

Further round is a very scenic fishing lake surrounded by ancient trees which facilitated the capture of some reflection photos. Back to the guests and time for speeches with candid photos showing folk really enjoying the moment - or not in the case of one little boy who preferred to socialise with the outside world.

Altogether a wonderful day of wedding photography at Hurlston Hall and one I was privileged to be able to capture for Caroline and Ray.

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