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Chesney Hawkes Private Function

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Chesney hawkes Chesney Hawkes

As part of the celebrity evenings at Whittle's Farm in Tarleton we had the pleasure of welcoming Chesney Hawkes.

The One and Only. Yep!


And what a supreme professional he is. Delayed flight from LA to London followed by a mad dash up the M6 to deepest Lancashire and straight into his gig. Not a sign of jetlag and a fabulous hour of entertainment for everyone lucky enough to get a ticket.

Not only that but he had time for every single person in the place, spending at least another hour chatting, signing autographs, posing for pictures and having selfies taken.


You mght notice the birthday cake...... Happy Birthday to Chesney! And he even let me have a slice for the missus :)


A proper down-to-Earth, approachable and friendly bloke who made a lasting impression on everyone in the audience on what was one of the best nights I have had the pleasure to cover.

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