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The Wedding Phtotgraphy Gear

20% gear. 80% knowing what to do with it to get the results. You don't have to own the latest and greatest camera gear to take photographs at a wedding.


Uncle Jim could take all your photos with his point and click and hand them over to you on a DVD. However, he probably wont achieve that lovely background blur that makes the main subject 'pop' from the photograph. Will he capture the highlight details rather than an overexposed, blown out expanse of blinding white where the wedding dress should be. Is he going to stay off the booze and miss all the fun of the day just to take your piccies late into the night?


Once he has taken over 900 photographs of your wedding day is he then going to sift through each one and meticulously discard those with blinking eyes, sneezing children and odd facial expressions? Will he then professionally edit the remaining selection to make them even more memorable and worth keeping as treasured memories of your day?


10 hours worth of wedding photography actually entails another 30 - 40 hours of work for your main photographer. We dont simply takes loads of photos and transfer straight to a DVD before handing it over to you. Your photos will be scrutinised, duplicates and funny faces discarded and the remainder expertly edited in bespoke software to provide you with the best wedding photographs possible from your day. That's not even considering the time involved having preliminary meetings, travel time, post wedding reviews of the photos and final preparation and organisation into a presentable story of your wedding day.


So, Uncle Jim's your man if you want it doing for nothing. And he will probably present you with some decent snaps at the end of the day. If you do want professional results however, then professional gear is required so that I have the best chance of capturing the wedding photographs that you want and expect.


It's not just one piece of gear either! I carry at least two of everything in case one fails. So thats 2 cameras, 2 dedicated flash units, lots and lots of spare batteries, oodles of memory cards, reflectors, shoot through umbrellas and at least 4 lenses to every wedding photography assignment.


What gear do I use? Well, here's the basic list:


CANON 5D MKII DSLR Camera - main camera

CANON 6D mkii DSLR Camera  - backup and second camera


CANON 70-200mm f2.8 IS L lens

CANON 24-105mm L lens

CANON 17-40mm L lens

CANON 100mm f/2.8 macro lens - for both portraits and the small details, wedding rings etc


CANON 430 ex ii flash unit x2


Various umbrellas, reflectors, light modifiers for those 'bad light' situations


A whole host of studio lights, gels, barn doors and light modifiers for creative indoor photography